Planning Minister approves eastern section of East West Link

The Planning Minister has distributed a media release stating that he has approved the eastern section of the East West link with some conditions.

It appears the proposed Elliot Avenue Interchange located inside Royal Park has been rejected and will be replaced with an interchange further west at Flemington Road.

Opposition Planning spokesman, Brian Tee, originally quoted in The Age said "The process hasn't followed any logical path - it has been botched every step of the way. We don't have a business plan, we don't have traffic projections, and now we don't even have a finalised route". Similarly The Age report quotes a community group spokesperson whom called for the State Government to defer "signing contracts for the project until after an assessment of the revised design's full impact on Flemington Road".

Media release in full:

140630 Guy - Planning Minister Approves the East West Link by tayser82


Nicholas Harrison's picture

What a surprise!

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Martin Mankowski's picture

Isn't it great when you can mark your own homework? A+ all round!

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Aussie Steve's picture

I now want to see the designs proposed for the western end as the Elliott Ave entrance/exit has been deleted (thank God!).

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Vinny's picture

Would love to know what the damage will be at the Racecourse Rd exit. I suspect some historic properties and established elms tress will be sacrificed. Pity as that area needs to retain some character rather than destroyed by an exit ramp. Considering the secretive and rushed design process, that probably hasn't even been thought of yet.

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