Swanston Street

A tour of RMIT's New Academic Street

5th Feb 2018 www.urban.com.au
The various spaces and elements which combine to form RMIT's New Academic Street (NAS) have progressively begun to open to students and visitors alike. I was recently fortunate enough to be part of... Read more

Exploring the expected new benchmark for student living

15th Sep 2015 www.urban.com.au
It may not be the first high-rise student accommodation project within the CBD but it shapes as the most prominent. While the first to do so was Urbanest La Trobe Street which received its final... Read more

Besgate Group readies their surge into the Melbourne apartment market

25th May 2015 www.urban.com.au
It just wouldn't be Melbourne at the moment without another Asian-backed property developer holding grandiose plans for a clutch of forthcoming inner-city apartment towers. Eagle-eyed Urban Melbourne... Read more

Righting a Swanston Street wrong

8th Apr 2015 www.urban.com.au
It looks increasingly likely that one of a pack of underwhelming buildings which front Swanston Street in Carlton will undergo an exterior rejuvenation shortly. Completed during 2004, Arrow on... Read more

Go West - Should We Move The Melbourne Metro Tunnel?

14th Mar 2014 www.urban.com.au
When the Wall came down, thousands cheered as the bulldozers moved in. Millions more tuned in on their televisions to watch this once in a lifetime event. The Wall had divided the city in two for... Read more