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Lessons for Fishermans Bend: Munich

23rd Jun 2014 www.urban.com.au
Unlike Zürich , which has (quite understandably) put all of its sustainable transport eggs in the public transport basket, Munich is quite a bit more of a bike friendly city, with an extensive... Read more
Central tram interchange near the Zurich Hauptbahnhof (main station)

Lessons for Fishermans Bend: Zürich

10th Jun 2014 www.urban.com.au
It’s difficult to explain exactly how (or even if!) Zürich’s transport successes, such as its excellent public transport systems, could be carried over to Melbourne and specific areas such as... Read more

International lessons for Fishermans Bend

27th May 2014 www.urban.com.au
Fishermans Bend has attracted a lot of interest in recent days, particularly in forums such as Urban Melbourne. A recent announcement by the Victorian Government has seen the previous alignment of... Read more