Infrastructure Victoria

Episode 23 - Docklands, Southbank Boulevard, Infrastructure Victoria and Cranbourne-Clyde

12th Jul 2018
Laurence and I discuss the news in Melbourne this week. We're getting toward the end of 'developing' Docklands, Southbank Boulevard changes kick off, Infrastructure Victoria has surprisingly gone out... Read more

Infrastructure Victoria begins its first update to the state's 30 year strategy

10th Jul 2018
Infrastructure Victoria has today begun consultation on its first update to the state's 30 year infrastructure strategy that was first unveiled in late 2016. The first step in the update process,... Read more

Infrastructure Victoria's draft 30 year strategy is out, and there's plenty more to come

10th Oct 2016
Infrastructure Victoria has released the first public draft of its 30 year infrastructure strategy and thus it has opened up for another round of consultation. The draft strategy makes... Read more

Infrastructure Victoria releases metro and regional citizen jury reports

5th Aug 2016
Foreshadowed recently in an interview with Michael Smith , Infrastructure Victoria - as part of one phase in its community consultation process - empaneled two citizens juries to "give a voice to the... Read more

Red & Black interviews the CEO of Infrastructure Victoria - Part 1

14th Jul 2016
Ever since the East West Link fiasco there has been substantial talk about removing the politics from Victoria’s infrastructure planning. The perception has been that politicians choose... Read more

Red & Black interviews the CEO of Infrastructure Victoria - Part 2

14th Jul 2016
Michel Masson is the CEO of Infrastructure Victoria, the government body charged with formulating a 30 year strategy for Victoria’s infrastructure. This is the second part of the two part Red+Black... Read more

Infrastructure Victoria releases 'all things considered' options paper

20th May 2016
The second in a line of what is likely to be many document releases by Infrastructure Victoria has happened with the 'All things considered: exploring options for Victoria's 30-year infrastructure... Read more

Spring Street announces inaugural board members for Infrastructure Victoria

7th Oct 2015
The Victorian Government today announced the appointment of board members to Infrastructure Victoria, an agency which will be tasked with assessing Victoria's infrastructure needs in an apolitical... Read more

And on the third day... Infrastructure Victoria was born

4th Sep 2015
The Legislative Assembly yesterday agreed to the amendments proposed by the Legislative Council after the third reading of the Infrastructure Victoria Bill 2015 . Once the Governor has lent her... Read more