Urban Melbourne Data Portal launch

Following on from a fantastic response to our expression of interest article during mid May, today we are launching the Urban Melbourne Data Portal.

After dissecting the feedback from EOI respondents we have slightly altered course from our original direction as outlined in the May article in order to provide a more dynamic product. Rather than have us send a database export in a comma separated file format, subscribers will instead now have access to a portal on Urban Melbourne which provides quick access to our entire database in a datagrid format.

And naturally the Urban Melbourne Data Portal also allows subscribers to export our entire data set of aggregated public domain planning and development data at their own leisure.

Screenshot of the Urban Melbourne Data Portal

The Urban Melbourne Data Portal is connected to our primary project database and therefore when subscribers log into the Data Portal they will be presented with the most up-to-date information on the Urban Melbourne Project Database. The Data Portal is designed as a quick reference tool; the entire database can be exported at any time for more heavy-duty data research and analysis in a spreadsheet programme or user created tools.

The freely available public Urban Melbourne Project Database pages have had a facelift as well with more data now displayed: specifically site area information (which used to be grouped with other cadastral information), number of hotel rooms and serviced apartments in a development.

For the past three weeks we have been undertaking a reorganisation of the entire database. New datasets which we have previously not tracked or stored in a granular format such as but not limited to the breakdown of apartment configurations in a development and the minimum and maximum sizes of those apartment configurations will be made available only to Data Portal subscribers going forward.

While many of the existing projects will have their data manipulated in some way, shape or form it's expected that from next Monday all new project entering the Urban Melbourne Project Database (particularly new planning applications) will carry a vastly enhanced data set.

Today we are now inviting subscription requests.

Urban Melbourne will only grant access to subscriber accounts upon receipt of cleared funds in our bank accounts. This week we will continuing our database reorganisation and we will begin granting account access to the Data Portal for subscribers whose invoices have been paid next Monday the 13th of July.

To view the cost of subscription and terms and conditions, see our dedicated Urban Melbourne Data Portal signup page.


This article was updated on 7th December 2015.  We are no longer accepting month-to-month subscriptions.

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