Introducing a new section: Urban Living

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Introducing a new section: Urban Living

Urban Melbourne will tomorrow unveil a category for our new home page titled Urban Living which will showcase the latest Melbourne apartment project releases, many of which will be found here on Urban Melbourne prior to public release in conjunction with Apartment Register. The new Urban Living section will aggregate project launch editorials from any developer or sales agent which has entered into a contract to purchase one of Urban Melbourne's project launch packages and project launches through Apartment Register will also appear in this section.

By securing forthcoming apartment projects prior to their public release, this will allow a healthy portion of readers who utilise Urban Melbourne to research their apartment purchase a greater chance in securing the apartment they desire.

Feedback to Urban Melbourne shows that local buyers and in particular first home buyers feel they have been marginalised in the market of late with the lion's share of quality apartments within many a project snapped up by international buyers or institutional investors prior to public release. Urban Melbourne seeks to buck the trend by working with developers and sales agents via Apartment Register or with them directly in order to offer our readers the first choice for a given apartment project that appears in the Urban Living category.

All articles appearing in the Urban Living category will be project specific and each article will feature an easy to use registration form which will transmit the registrant's details to the corresponding sales agent.

Bear in mind you the reader can also utilise the Apartment Register service and then proceed to provide your details and preferences in the form provided. Apartment Register after all exists to source you the apartment closest to your wants and abilities.

The implementation of an Urban Living category and the pending introduction of an Off The Plan section in many ways rounds out the 'apartment lifecycle' that Urban Melbourne has the ability to offer website readers. The capacity for readers to purchase exclusive apartments will slot in between their ability to follow current development news or research forthcoming and current projects via the Project Database, and view construction updates or the finished product via our In Focus pieces and forum.

Essentially Urban Melbourne has accounted for the missing piece in the process and now has the capacity to be active in every stage from conception to completion across a plethora of apartment projects, whilst still covering the entire spectrum of urban issues that define Melbourne.

The first exclusive project will appear on Urban Melbourne tomorrow with others set to follow at regular intervals. Watch out for project launches in Flemington, South Yarra, Oakleigh and Dandenong in the not too distant future.

Developers and sales agents who would like to utilise Urban Melbourne's project launch and database upgrade packages can contact Alastair Taylor for more information.

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