The Coterie construction update

The coterie is scheduled for completion by November 2019. Image credit:
The coterie is scheduled for completion by November 2019. Image credit:

The Coterie Construction Update 

Roughly half of the apartments available in The Coterie have been sold with a 50/50 split of owner-occupier and investor. 

Earlier this year, Section 2 (Level 5) was poured with the support structure for Level 6 also assembled. The display gallery on the lower floor will soon close with the entire 7th floor soon to showcase completed full apartments.

The development is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year, November 2019.

Who is building The Coterie?

VicLand Property Group who has previously produced for Spencer West and Habitat Southbank in Melbourne are responsible for The Coterie. As one of Melbourne’s largest property developers, VicLand focuses on end-to-end developments from acquisition to sale, and despite having a small team, they deliver stunning results on large-scale projects.

Construction is being handled by Maxcon, a family-owned and operated company who specialises in commercial properties and are well-experienced in vertical and lateral integration construction.

The Coterie's beautiful design was created by Bruce Henderson Architects who have experience working for some of the world's leading developers, government bodies and construction houses. The Melbourne-based firm designs commercial, residential, and retail spaces all over the world and has offices in Melbourne, London, and Hanoi.