St Boulevard floor plans

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St Boulevard floor plans
A two bedroom, two bathroom apartment type floor plan in the Magnolia residences.

Floor plans for Magnolia, Ginko and Anaca towers range in size and type with many having views over the garden terrace and outdoor pool.

A two bedroom, two bathroom apartment type in the Magnolia Residence can offer between 80 and 95 square metres of open plan living with a wintergarden included and a starting price of $722,000. A one bedroom, one bathroom type floor plan in the Ginko residences offer 45 to 55 square metres of living space and have a starting price of $431,000.

With generous stone island benches and natural surfaces to in built media hubs, apartments maintain a clutter-free environment. The living and kitchen area opens to captivating views that compliment the natural materials within. The kitchen uses natural stone finishes with raw and polished textures with an integrated sink, butler’s pantry and crafted joinery. Each floor plan is optimised with efficiency and maximises storage for convenient living. 

St Boulevard floor plans
A one bedroom type floor plan in the Ginko Residences.

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