Spectrum height

Spectrum height
Image credit: https://www.meriton.com.au/wp-content/uploads/Spectrum-Brochure.pdf

Spectrum Height & Floor Count

The Spectrum offers 347 large upmarket apartments that will be spread across four buildings, each of which containing 13 levels. The entire site, including significant garden areas, will encompass a 1.11-hectare piece of land.

The most significant option in the one-bedroom apartment category will be 69sqm, with two-bedroom units up to 100sqm and the largest three-bedroom at 117sqm.

How tall is Spectrum?

With each of the four Spectrum buildings containing 13 floors, the construction is considered a modest high-rise. In the scope of its surrounds however, Spectrum will sit well above its immediate neighbours, providing stunning north and east facing views over the central park and Sydney CBD.

The floor-to-ceiling glass of each Spectrum apartment will provide ample natural light while also allowing for a stunning unobstructed view.

Spectrum height
image credit: https://www.meriton.com.au/wp-content/uploads/Spectrum-Brochure.pdf