Spectrum construction update

Image credit: https://www.meriton.com.au/spectrum-to-be-mascots-latest/
Image credit: https://www.meriton.com.au/spectrum-to-be-mascots-latest/

Spectrum Construction Update 

The construction of the Spectrum buildings are well underway with the current Spectrum completion dates as follows:

  • Retail/Building A- April 19

  • Building B & D2 - May 19

  • Building C - August 19

  • Building D1 - June 19

Who is building Spectrum?

Spectrum is being developed and built by Meriton, a private company who have designed, developed more than 75,000 apartments in some of the tallest residential towers in Australia's east. Meriton also owns the luxury accommodation brand Meriton Suites and are known for sophisticated, high-quality apartments. 

Crone Architects have designed Spectrum; they are an award-winning architecture and design practice based in Sydney and Melbourne who specialises in creative and sustainable ideas.