River One amenities

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River One amenities
The tranquil communal pool with surrounding greenery and city skyline view.

Melbourne’s newest river destination, River One, designed by CHT Architects in collaboration with developers Blue Earth Group comprises 28 floors of high quality affordable apartments, part of a precinct that revitalises Footscray’s connection to its river.

Amenities for the tower include resort-style designed communal outdoor and recreational landscapes by Rush Wright and Associates, a podium garden, indoor pavilion, outdoor kitchens, seating pods, a large heated pool overlooking the gardens and city views, a gymnasium, yoga centre, cinema, health retreat, a functional business centre including a proposed restaurant and greengrocer on ground level for the community.

With premium frontage on Maribyrnong River, resident’s are able to step outside the home to the vast communal amenities available in arms reach with bike trails, boardwalks, jetty piers and a vibrant cultural melting pot of restaurants and markets at Footscray Central, just moments from the development.

Construction began in early 2019 with an expected finish in mid 2020.

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