PM Port Melbourne location

Urban Editorial July 5, 20190 min read

Located at 320 Plummer Street, Port Melbourne arises two residential towers and a hotel tower by Elenberg Fraser, P.M Port Melbourne.

Just 650 metres from Port Melbourne beach, the development is ideally located in the comforting environment in an area generated to accommodate close to 80,000 people in the future from the mere 15,000 that reside in the suburb now.

Australia’s largest urban renewal project will not retract from the current heritage and cultural surroundings that residents will be able to enjoy.

Westgate Park with the famous Salt Water Lake is in walking distance as is the Boulevard and Bay Street, lined with beach front restaurants, cafes, bars and boutiques with a bohemian feel.

South Melbourne Market and DFO South Wharf are in close proximity, only a few tram stops away where some of Melbourne’s best local and international food, designer clothing and produce await the residents of P.M Port Melbourne.

PM Port Melbourne location
Location of PM Port Melbourne. Image by Google Maps.

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