Parkridge Noosa construction update

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Parkridge Noosa construction update
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Parkridge Noosa Construction Update 

The first foundations were poured late last year, and there are currently roughly 150 local tradespeople working on-site. The project has a three-year construction program with completion of the stage one apartments due very soon.

Who is building Parkridge Noosa?

Parkridge Noosa is being developed by Altum Property Group, a privately owned and multi-award-winning property development and construction company based in the Sunshine Coast. They work in both the residential and commercial sectors and hand-pick their architects, interior designers, and consultants to ensure the highest quality offerings for their projects. 

They are a market leader in design and quality and always strive for a holistic development format inclusive of design, construction, and property management.

The design of Parkridge Noosa is being handled by Sparks Architects, a boutique Sunshine Coast architecture firm who put a significant focus on sustainability for all of their buildings. They look to balance the natural and built environments of their creations, which is why Parkridge Noosa puts such a significant focus on its surrounding nature. Sparks look to enhance the quality of life for those living in their designs through form, materiality and integrated energy systems.


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