Park One location

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Park One location
Park One location

Where is Park One and what is the area/suburb like?

Park One is located at 80 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113 in the centre of the thriving Macquarie Park area.

This spot provides the North Shore lifestyle with the Sydney CBD close by.

What is the display suite address for St Leonards Square?

The display suite is accessible by online registration which offers a VIP tour prior to the official launch of the building.

What is nearby St Leonards Square?

Park One offers a short walk to fresh produce, retail shopping from international brands and the Macquarie Shopping Centre, which is only 200m away and includes a cinema and dining options.

The other nearby attraction is Lane Cove National Park, and you will have easy access to Macquarie Park University, and multiple train stations.

Park One location
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