Pace of Blackburn, Melbourne location

Pace of Blackburn Location via Google Maps
Pace of Blackburn Location via Google Maps

Designed by Ascui and Co Architects, Pace of Blackburn will give residents stand out views of Dandenong Ranges and the city skyline and a close knit community feel with 4 buildings centred around a green communal space.

Pace of Blackburn is primely located at 160 Whitehorse Road, cornering Railway Road which connects it to the main shopping strip with Dixon Recycled Records, The Salvation Army and an array of Japanese, Indian restaurants. The strip, headed by Blackburn Library and the Blackburn Railway Station, connecting commuters to the CBD and outer activity centres, is a thriving hot spot for relaxed and diverse cafes and restaurants.

In walking distance of the complex developed by Pace, is the wonderfully serene Blackburn Lake and park with walking and cycling trails and heavy forestry centred by a large lake offering a tranquility and hide away from the bustling city.

Two train stops away from Blackburn is the booming second Melbourne CBD of Box Hill with eclectic flavours and dining experiences from the incredibly diverse and multicultural community, markets, boutiques, large commercial and employment opportunities and an explosive development serviced by the tram network, grand boulevards and public transport.