Melbourne Square floor plans

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Melbourne Square floor plans
A 3 bed, 2 bath apartment option (West Tower)
Melbourne Square floor plans
A 3 bed, 3 bath apartment option (West Tower)

Apartment interiors have been tailored and carefully designed in collaboration with Cox Architecture by Carr Design and HUB Furniture to create a modern yet warm, home feel to each residence.

The Couture Series is an elegantly responsive residential offering of some of the 3-5 bedroom apartments that make up the East Tower at Melbourne Square from levels 55-68. The interior design was inspired by the pleated architectural form of the building and the layered garden landscapes to create a fluid and continuous experience from the outside in.

Featuring generous storage, open living spaces and premium materials, each apartment is tailored for its residents. From the opulent marble blocks used for island benches of penthouse kitchens and Miele appliances in apartments, these are richly textured homes of considered style.

Melbourne Square offers generous floor plans with many three bedroom apartments being between 90 and 190 square metres. The option to create super apartments is a marvel within itself with some purchasers in early 2019 buying multiple apartments across floors to integrate family quarters and customise floor plans to build duplexes.




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