Brisbane One pricing

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Brisbane One pricing
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Brisbane 1 Prices

The brand Brisbane 1 offers three towers, each with one, two, and three-bedroom apartments, and three & four-bedroom penthouses. The prices begin at $439,000 are go as high as $2.2 million.

The price range for apartments in Brisbane 1

There are six variations of apartment options available at Brisbane 1 with the following prices:

  • One-Bedroom Apartments: $439,000 

  • Oversized Living Two Bedroom Apartments: $634,000 

  • Luxury Level Sky Residences: $965,000 

  • Spacious 58m2 Two-Bedroom Apartments: $500,000

  • Penthouse Options: Starting at $1,816,000 

  • Inner City Dual Living Residences: $680,000

Price of apartments in South Brisbane compared to Brisbane 1

South Brisbane sits a little higher than the median average for apartment prices in Brisbane at $499,000 against Queensland's median unit price of $380,000.

Is Brisbane 1 worth the price?

When compared to other apartment prices in South Brisbane, Brisbane 1's lower-end apartments are a good buy. The large open plan living areas and spacious bedrooms provide a more comfortable alternative to apartment living with extensive storage space and generous balcony sizes.

Brisbane One pricing
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