Botanicca 3 location

Botanicca 3 location
Botanicca 3 location

Where is Botannica 3 and what is the area/suburb like?

Botannica 3 is located at 572 Swan Street in Burnley VIC 3121 right by the University of Melbourne campus and Burnley Golf Course. Burnley is a quiet little area in South Richmond that sits between Swan Street and the Yarra River. There is easy access via train with plenty of parks and low traffic, making it a safe area for the kids to venture out and play.

What is the display suite address for Botannica 3?

The display suite can be located at 572 Swan Street, Burnley VIC 3121; however, viewing times are by appointment only and must be arranged by contacting the agent.

What is nearby Botannica 3?

Botannica 3 provides a short walk to Swan Street, which offers a range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Bridge Road and Victoria Gardens are also nearby to provide even more opportunities with a variety of facilities easily accessible down the road in Richmond. 

Botannica 3 sits right alongside the river which provides many walking and riding trails; there are a number of education options available for both children and adults and for those who enjoy a bit of physical activity, there are sporting clubs, parklands and a golf course surrounding the development site.