Botanicca 3 height

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Botanicca 3 height
Botanicca 3 height

Botannica 3 Height & Floor Count

Botannica 3 features two towers comprised of 7 and 8 levels, which also include:

  • 13,716 square metres of car parking

  • Gym

  • Childcare facility

  • Cafe

  • Common areas both indoor and outdoor 

  • 19,240 square metres of NLA office space

This development has a Green Star 5-star Certification for Design with an enclosed high-performance curtain wall facade system all of which is situated to provide easy access to Melbourne’s premiere sporting precinct.

How tall is Botannica 3?

The two Botannica 3 buildings are considered to be a mid-rise complex which sits in a commanding position by the Botanicca Corporate Park offering corporate offices a picturesque setting next to the Yarra River Park area.

The spaces available offer flexible floorplates of 2,000m²+ along with an outdoor garden, various on-site amenities, and a large number of off street secure car spaces. The buildings are easily accessible via the Monash (M1) Freeway entrance, or public transport options with the buildings entrance sitting opposite the number 70 Light Rail super stop. There are also three Metro Rail stations and the Yarra Bike Trail all a short walking distance away.

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