Arden Gardens height

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Arden Gardens height
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Arden Gardens Height & Floor Count

Arden Gardens offers 304 apartments over two buildings of 10 (36 metres) and 16 (54 metres) floors respectively, classifying it as a high-rise building. 

Its unique triangle-shaped design will be the highest point in the vicinity it occupies between Macaulay Road, Canning Street, and Vaughan Terrace. A smaller podium area will house the Woolworths supermarket, a cafe, and 15 other retail outlets along with a cinema complex.

How tall is Arden Gardens?

Arden Gardens will be one of the tallest points in its immediate area for North Melbourne with an unobstructed view due to the extensive parklands that sit opposite the building.

The 68 unique luxury floor plans on offer provide open-plan living in some cases, courtyards to do away with the shoeboxes in a skyscraper feel or many other complexes. Arden Gardens offers townhouse-style living with 10sq metre courtyards and a communal garden of 50sq metres.

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