A new planning framework charts Broadmeadows road to future success

The path Broadmeadows and surrounds will take in order to become a successful urban renewal showcase has become all the more clearer.

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) and Hume City Council have released the draft Greater Broadmeadows framework plan that, in time, will guide the area's transition from a somewhat maligned suburb to a precinct that can fully realise its potential. 

Key to Broadmeadows’ renewal and growth are a handful of major transport and infrastructure projects that will capitalise upon the area's already strong transport links.

Broadmeadows already has so much key infrastructure and with the right planning and investment, we are sure the suburb will become a powerhouse of Melbourne’s north.

VPA Acting Chief Executive, Steve Dunn

Chief amongst these is the transformation of Broadmeadows' town centre; initiating increased development along with a heightened pedestrian experience are key targets of the freshly released plan. The notation of diversified housing types within the town centre points toward the arrival of higher density housing stock.

Broadmeadows itself can expect heightened development activity. Image: VPA

Also on the agenda is the push toward making the Meadowlink strategic priority area a thriving, 20-minute neighbourhood. This in part depends upon a significant expansion of the Meadowlink cycle network that will ultimately link four of the five priority areas within the Greater Broadmeadows framework plan.Also in line for change is the Maygar Barracks site, the Campbellfield business hub and the Upfield Ford site.

An increasing population and the need to diversity the area's jobs base have been highlighted by key figures within the Greater Broadmeadows framework plan. It's anticipated that by 2050, an extra 20,000 people will call the the Greater Broadmeadows area home, whilst jobs may expand from 27,000 in 2011 to as many as 60,000 by 2050.

From a public transport infrastructure standpoint, an extension of the Upfield train line and a new train station at Campbellfield can also be expected.

Five Hume precincts are earmarked for renewal. Image: VPA

Hundreds of hectares of land has been identified as subject to urban renewal within the Greater Broadmeadows framework plan. Post a public comment period that runs until 26 May, the VPA will finalise the plan then submit it to Hume City Council and the Minister for Planning for approval.

A result of two years of scoping and consultation, the draft Greater Broadmeadows framework plan can be viewed here.

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