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City of Melbourne have initiated a third installment of the Places for People study. The study seeks resident, worker, student and visitor feedback on a variety of issues and experiences that relate to everyday life in the heart of Melbourne.

According to the study website, the key aim of Places for People is to gain a greater understanding of how people are using the city. The feedback collected will in turn allow City of Melbourne to work towards the realisation of liveable neighbourhoods, where local goods, services and infrastructure meet people’s daily needs and can be accessed by foot.

First initiated during 1994, the Places for People study sought to understand how public space was utilised throughout the city. Subsequent study periods have been expanded in their research criteria.

City of Melbourne is seeking feedback

Every 10 years we have put Melbourne under the microscope to observe how public space shapes people’s experience of the city. This investigation and resulting analysis helps us plan for the next decade and beyond.

In this third study we want to hear directly from members of the community about how well their neighbourhood is meeting their daily needs. This will help us better understand the neighbourhoods we have and plan for the neighbourhoods we need. We want to zoom in and hear about how people actually access daily requirements, from fresh food and groceries to education, recreation and community services.

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle

The 2015 version of Places for People will focus on both quantitative and qualitative methods of enquiry. While quantitative research examines the use and built form of Melbourne’s public spaces, and for the most has been completed, the other key probe is qualitative research.

This involves gathering data on "How people perceive Melbourne as their city, and more specifically, how they use and experience their local neighbourhoods." Initial qualitative research was conducted during Melbourne Knowledge Week 2014 with the current open period seeking to further enhance/validate gathered data.

The 2015 Places for People study has expanded to include Docklands for the first time. The first two Places for People studies helped influence urban design across the city and the reshaping of key public spaces and the 2015 version will aid with future planning and urban design considerations.

Our city is growing at a rapid pace and it’s critical that we take a snapshot of our current urban life to observe and analyse how the city is functioning. Places for People 2015 will provide the city with a better understanding of people’s daily reality and will inform our future thinking and planning to make Melbourne the best city it can be.

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle
A defined City of Melbourne

Places for People is now open and will continue until April 26th. Nine physical pop-up locations are available across City of Melbourne, with online submissions also available via Places for People.

Analysis of the data will follow with findings to be progressively released beyond July of this year.

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