Podcast: Beller Commercial's Fred Nucara on the state of Chapel Street retail

A host of planned ‘new arrival’ developments in Chapel Street will help to revive the retail strip, according to Director of Beller Commercial, Fred Nucara. Every year, Beller Commercial conducts retail strip research: a manual foot walk and count of shop vacancies. From this unique research, Beller has a clear view on the changing fortunes of Melbourne’s various “high streets”. Chapel Street is divided into three precincts: South Yarra, Prahran...

Weekly Podcast - Episode 12 - Koos de Keijzer from DKO

Laurence sits down with DKO's Koos de Keijzer this week. Why do suburbs in Perth and Darwin look like suburbs in Melbourne? Why can Australia's suburbia be somewhat homogenous? Vive La Différence! Also on the agenda are towers and podiums - how well do they work in places like Southbank? You can listen to our previous episodes here , and don't forget to subscribe through the Apple podcast app!

Weekly Podcast - Episode 11 - with guests Nick Deans and Richard Weinman from Warren & Mahoney

Last week's podcast, this week! Or something like that. Apologies for the delay. This week Laurence sits down with Nick Deans and Richard Weinman from Warren & Mahoney where they talk Fitzroy, The Spanish Club and the architecture industry in general. Subscribe via iTunes , you can also see all previously published on the site here .

Weekly Podcast - Episode 9 with guest Stuart Moseley, CEO of the Victorian Planning Authority

This week Laurence & I sit down with Stuart Moseley, the CEO of the Victorian Planning Authority. We talk about the role the Victorian Planning Authority plays in the state, the challenges Victoria may face and where consultation is heading in the context of new ways to undertake it. We also chat about Melbourne's employment clusters and how the VPA interfaces with other government departments and authorities. You can also subscribe to the...

Weekly Podcast - Episode 8 with special guest Richard Leonard from Hayball

This week Laurence sits down with Richard Leonard from Hayball where they talk South Melbourne Primary School , education in denser urban areas and the intersection of mathematics and architecture (true story!). You might also like to read the text Q&A with Richard from earlier in the week here . Remember to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes .

Weekly Podcast - Episode 7 with special guest Carolyn Whitzman

We're back and we have our very first special guest, Professor Carolyn Whitzman. Two weeks ago the ABC kicked off a national debate on Australia's population which after a 4 Corners and Q & A back-to-back, the debate was side-tracked & got bogged-down in the country's immigration intake. Lot's of arm-flapping as Professor Whitzman describes it. One of the biggest gaps in those two hours was the complete lack of planning, urban design or...

Weekly Podcast - Episode 5

Laury's back this week and cover off a new planning application on Lygon Street in Brunswick East, how the Melbourne Airport Rail Link and Melbourne Metro 2 should have a coordinated planning response at Southern Cross and Clayton's new station & the Monash Employment and Innovation Cluster. Lead image credit: Level Crossing Removal Authority.