Community benefits and a Green Star rating underpin Fishermans Bend's latest proposal

Fishermans Bend's most recent planning application has been loaded with a host of community-oriented features.

18-22 Salmon Street Port Melbourne was lodged with the State Government earlier this month, and is the first project to do so post Planning Minister Richard Wynne's release of the draft framework for the urban renewal area during October.

Dubbed Wirraway Central, the project would account for a 9,400sqm corner site that is currently home to a variety of low-rise commercial buildings and is metres away from Plummer Street's JL Murphy Reserve. Knight Frank handled the site's sale during February, with local developer Fishermans Bend Management Pty Ltd securing the site for $27.5 million.

The entity has moved at pace in taking the site to planning, enlisting Armsby Architects who have in turn created a premium mixed-use scheme which is intended to be delivered upon the expiry of current leases during 2019.

Aerial overview. Image: Knight Frank

Wirraway Central consists of multiple 12 storey towers reaching 55 metres in height, in what is an 18 storey height limited area. The project's 80,000 square metres of Gross Building Area is expected to be built at a cost of $170 million, although the end value of the development will be far higher.

Community benefits underpin the development, with a Library and Community Hall proposed. These facilities are expected to be handed over to City of Port Phillip upon completion.

A primary school is also proposed, as are two supermarkets and a number of retail spaces and cafes.

Warriway Central will also include 260 apartments, in a split that sees 66 single bedroom, 91 dual bedroom and 70 triple bedroom apartments. The proposal is a departure from the norm in that it is heavily weighted toward three bedroom dwellings.

Sketch of Wirraway Central's interior. Image: Armsby Architects

Included in the proposal are 290 bicycle bays and 426 car parking spaces. In terms of design provisions for future infrastructure, Wirraway Central maintains a substantial setback to Plummer Street in order to cater for future light rail and/or a potential underground rail station.

With a history of pushing ESD boundaries, Armsby Architects will offer the project for certification as Fishermans Bend's first Green Star building, which carries with it internationally-recognised sustainability rating system.

Design lead John Armsby expects 18-22 Salmon Street to be the closest fit to the new draft framework that blankets Fiahermans Bend.

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