City of Yarra runs hot with another significant commercial development planned

The changing built form landscape within City of Yarra may well be nudged once more down the commercial path as plans are assessed for a sizebale development of the Kia/Patersons site at 198-242 Burnley Street, Richmond.

Council is deliberating over a plan which would create four separate office buildings that would hold an accumulated GFA of approximately 40,000sqm and support 800-1000 full time jobs.

On behalf of Burnley Developments Pty Ltd, 198-242 Burnley Street would also be the first entry for Wireframe Architecture within the Urban Melbourne Project Database. A pointer toward the developer's credentials is the fact that the Melbourne-based architecture practice is part of Meydan Group, who is a well established developer across metropolitan Melbourne.

Aerial perspective of the development. Planning image: Meydan Planning

Part demolition is sought over the 8,020sqm site, with Lovell Chen providing advice in regards to a number of sensitive heritage buildings onsite.

The late 1800's Alcock’s Electric Light and Motive Power Co building, also known as the 'power station building' along Neptune Street to the site's rear will be restored and internally reconfigured to accommodate co-working office space. Secondary heritage facades to Burnley Street and the ‘Patersons Building’ to Neptune Street will be restored with new built form set back from the boundary.

As seen above, Building A accounts for the Patersons Building, Building B relates to the restored power station structure, Building C sits behind the existing redbrick sawtooth roof extension to the adjacent power factory whilst Building D as the developments largest, will account for a number of nondescript existing buildings.

198-242 Burnley Street is also slated to include retail tenancies, 385 car parking spaces and 250 bicycle parking spaces.

Burnley Street perspective. Planning image: Wireframe Architecture

198-242 Burnley Street is the latest commercial contender to stake a claim within City of Yarra, as the municipality rides a wave planning applications looking to take advantage of the area's popularity.

Richmond and Cremorne carry a combined 11 commercial projects within the Urban Melbourne Project Database, amounting to approximately 75,000sqm of new office space. New listings to the database include 33-39 Stewart Street, 12-18 Albert Street and 594-600 Church Street.

Collingwood is also flying the flag in a commercial development perspective, accumulating another 33,000sqm within the Urban Melbourne Project Database.

A decision on the merits of the Burnley Street application won't be made before early next month.

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