Could Camberwell junction be the area's new town square?

Camberwell could get a town square through the reconfiguration of Camberwell Junction in a plan that has a Boroondara councillor's support.

Public comment is being sought by the firm responsible for the design, Alexander Urbanism, and Junction Ward Boroondara councillor Jack Wegman.

The proposal is to reduce the number of roads leading into the Camberwell Junction intersection from six to four.  

Camberwell Road, which at present bisects the junction from south east to north west, would be closed off from both the north-west and south-east directions and instead would play host to a plaza and tram superstop respectively.

An overview of the proposed north-western plaza - image supplied

According to the designer, Nathan Alexander, “This could become the pedestrian heart of Camberwell, the place to go and be seen. This will be the place to meet your friends, to eat a great meal, to lunch in the sun. It’ll be a great place to go before or after watching a movie at the nearby Rivoli Cinema.”

At present the Junction is congested, handling approximately thirty-eight thousand vehicles a day.

According to Cameron Martyn, the transport planner who worked on the proposal, simplifying the Junction intersection will improve traffic flow on Burke Road and Riversdale Road, while motorists current travelling on Camberwell Road have a choice of alternative routes.

“With only two roads intersecting, the traffic lights will be green for longer. With more green time, more traffic can pass through the intersection. This plan makes the Junction more efficient and safer for all users – pedestrians, cyclists, tram users and motorists.”

Extract from Alexander Urbanism's description of the Camberwell Junction proposal
The proposed changes to the Camberwell Junction road network - image supplied

​I’ve encouraged Alexander Urbanism to work up this concept. I look forward to the public response.

Camberwell has a great range of shops, but no decent public space.

This idea shows great potential to give Camberwell the town square it deserves. It’d make Camberwell as a whole more attractive as a shopping destination.

Cr Jack Wegman

See the full report on Alexander Urbanism's website, and the accompanying transport assessment by the Martyn Group.

What do you think of the proposal? Leave a comment below.


Primal Beauty's picture

Excellent would think residents would be behind this since they are so vociferous about protecting their beloved suburb, and this would only enhance the character, and not just the character but the livability of the area, since it does feel a bit overwhelmed by traffic but underwhelming in regards to urban vilage and sophistication feel that it wants to have and rightly deserves so!

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Aussie Steve's picture

Looks very interesting, and worthwhile considering, but I would prefer to see the #75 tram re-routed to continue north-west, over Camberwell Junction along Camberwell Road and onto Burwood Road Hawthorn to meet up with the existing route at Power Street. This would service a greater area and better link Hawthorn West, Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Auburn and Hawthorn East to Camberwell and beyond.

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Martin Mankowski's picture

^^ PB - I think you're right, the residents should love it. However just like St Kilda and Brunswick East, I bet the traders cry like babies and fight this tooth and nail, cause their customers can no longer drive to their front door. Time to roll out Geoffrey Rush again! Sad times ahead I fear....

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Primal Beauty's picture

Lol...not looking forward to Geoffrey Rush or Berry Humphrey like characters at all but sometimes the circus brings people to the table in this case and hopefully to some sensible resolution!
If you ask me I would get rid of those carparking areas on both sides of shopping streep, next to the market and on the other side next to shopping centre and put the cars underground if need be and create square with gardens and seating areas and connections to Bourke Road in order to achieve one truly unifying area of great significance...imagine extra businesses and shops you could create within those areas and achieve oasis within that busy urban setting...on that note the same principle would apply to Prahran carpark next to Coles and Woolworths!

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