Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area expands, interim height limits applied

The Planning Minister has announced the expansion of the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area which will now include the entire area which lies north of the West Gate Freeway between the West Gate Bridge and the Bolte Bridge (excluding West Gate Park).

The expansion means the total amount of land which will now come under the Capital City Zone will increase from 250 hectares to 455 hectares. The Planning Minister is the responsible authority for approval of development applications which have a gross floor area that is larger than 25,000 square metres.

Likewise, the existing precincts of Montague which straddles either side of the Port Melbourne #109 Tram and Lorimer, the pocket of land located behind Yarra's Edge and bordered by the West Gate Freeway and the Bolte Bridge, will have an interim height limit of 40 levels applied whilst a revised structure plan for Fishermans Bend is conducted.

The new business precinct which at present hosts the operations of companies such as Boeing, Herald & Weekly Times, Kraft, General Motors Holden and Toyota is located within the City of Melbourne local government area. Lorimer, until today, was the only precinct located within the City of Melbourne's jurisdiction. The three other existing precincts - Montague, Wirraway and Sandridge - are located within the City of Port Phillip.

At present we are tracking 18 projects in the Fishermans Bend area and these projects will not be subject to the new interim height controls. A fact sheet provided to Urban Melbourne states 'existing permit applications will be determined by the Minister for Planning as required under the planning scheme provisions in place at the time of application'.

All new applications will be assessed with the interim height controls as shown in the following map.

Interim height controls which will apply to new development applications in Fishermans Bend

Media release in full


Andrew's picture

I'll be interested in transport details.

This area will need better connectivity to the CBD via the Docklands.

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3000's picture

There needs to be better transport from CBD to docklands first.

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Alastair Taylor's picture

^ curious as to what you think needs to change?

There's a whopping great station located on the edge of Docklands and multiple tram routes in, out and around the area....

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johnproctor's picture

What's the point of interim height controls if 18 permits with 30 odd towers have the chance of being significantly taller ( like little projects lorimer st application)

I'm guessing transport links are back to the tram at the end of collins street over the river and I know mpa was pushing for a spur of the 109 as perhaps an interim access into the area.

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Melbourne Muse's picture

The Age is now amending yesterday's article and reporting that, whilst an interim 40 story height limit is to apply to the Montague and Lorimer areas in Fishermans Bend, the new 'Employment Precinct' will have NO height limit.

Marvelous Mega-Melbourne

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Alastair Taylor's picture

Sounds about right. The area is industrial at present, I'd be surprised if any of the sites changed hands are large commercial or residential towers were proposed in the area anytime soon.

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Riccardo's picture

Leaving aside Wynns play to his base, very transparent, look, i am approving tall buildings but over there where noone a Melbourne resident but Sydney person by heart and temperament, I can see how stupid this all looks.

No-one laughed when Parramatta was proclaimed the second CBD. Sydneysiders have a far more mature view of city expansion and decentralisaton, or rather, recentralisation.

I cant get a feel from any Melbourne policy doc, Labor or Liberal,what the grand plan is to accommodate growth. The rail policy is a joke. Which centres are proposed to do the heavy lifiting of the next couple of million people to come, when the Hoddle Grid and immediate surrounds cannot offer any more?

Not only is Parramatta to supplement Sydney, Penrith has vowed to take Parramatta's place at the sub CBD activity level. Melbourne can't even get anything coherent at Box Hill or Dandenong, let alone Pakenham, which is the same distance from Melbourne as Penrith is from Sydney.

Unlike our rail nonsense, Sydney has actually got a genuine live mass transit system under construction, though only one line at present. But I 'feel it in my bones' that not only is the funding and contracts for the completion of this line soon to come through, but by the next election a second set of lines will also be announced.

It is clear that it shouldn't be fisho VERSUS Swanston St, but both are needed. But if Andrews can't even swing the local media on the need for 1 line, how is he gonna manage announcing two?

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Riccardo's picture

Back to my hobby horse that we could also have had Fisho mass transit if the RRL money was not wasted on the Tarneit line, but built a four tube tunnel from SXS to Newport area, with the country tracks connecting onto both an upgraded Brooklyn railway and the existing Werribee line (which would be quinned past Laverton), a simple electrified spur to Wyndham Vale and good bus system from Deer Park to Tarneit, with a spur to there built later.

A decent flying junction at Sunshine would then see both country and metro trains, but also Albion and Ardeer routes separared from each other.

The metro service would run from Wyndham Vale to Sxs the possibly Upfield and would be quicker as it would run all stations but not via Yarraville, including the Fisho stop. All country trains, even Seymour, would use the Brooklyn route. Willys and Altonas would continue via Yarraville

We could then build up Fisho as much as we liked with a metro station and surrounding trams and buses serving it.

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Qantas743's picture

The article is wrong about existing applications being judged according to the planning provisions at the time.

Quote from the Fin:

"Existing permits will be judged according to the existing rules. There will be no retrospectivity in this decision making" Mr Wynne said.

So Little's project is dead, at least in its current form.

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Alastair Taylor's picture

Here's what I'm quoting in the article:

Go to the last page and read the FAQ.

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Qantas743's picture

Ah, thanks.

I must have misinterpreted the Fin's quote.

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