PDG Corporation and Spec Property double up in North Melbourne

PDG Corporation and Spec Property have seized upon the success of their current North Melbourne projects by each proposing separate additional apartment developments within the suburb. Far from the soaring towers of Melbourne's CBD, the proposed developments are comparatively modest, yet point to the underlying strength of North Melbourne as a desired suburb for both developers and buyers seeking to avoid postcode 3000.

Lodged with City of Melbourne in recent weeks, both designs are the result of developer affiliated architecture practices, further bolstering the growing trend amongst well established local developers of internalising the project design process.

135-139 Arden Street

Images courtesy Disegno Australia

Located on a corner site, PDG Corporation's latest project also shares frontage with Abbotsford Street. A creation of Disegno Australia, 135-139 Arden Street seeks to replace a former service station with a four and five level L-shaped apartment building containing 92 dwellings. One, two and three bedroom options are included within the project, as is a communal roof terrace with landscaping and garden plots for residents.

The highly articulated facade sits above two basement levels catering for vehicle and bicycle parking, while the residential lobby faces Abbotsford Street. Applied over the facade will be a a translucent 'tree' graphic which is designed to cast a silhouette shadow onto the developments balconies and apartment interiors, while also providing a degree of privacy to residents.

The building is architecturally designed to a high standard, will be constructed of high quality materials and will be a positive addition to this highly visible comer. The development provides a high level of internal amenity to all apartments, with adequate on site car parking, generous bicycle parking and communal garden area provided within the development.

It is submitted that the development's height, form and appearance, furthers the strategic objectives for the North and West area of Melbourne and, on the basis of the foregoing considerations, the application is worthy of a planning permit.

SJB Planning, associated planning report

3 Shiel Street

Image courtesy Inhabit Design

Conceived by Inhabit Design, 3 Shiel Street consists of two residential buildings of up to ten levels, with a total of 65 dwellings included. One, two and three bedroom dwellings are included within the proposal.

The buildings are highly articulated and fenestrated and have been designed to respond to the fall of the land. Providing separate built forms provides for a break through the site and enables a creative landscape architecture design that provides an attractive communal open space.

Materials and finishes are of a high quality and include face brickwork to the Shiel Street facade, interspersed with timber cladding, screen walls, precast concrete and glazing.

Ratio Consultants, associated planning report

3 Shiel Street joins a growing number of planned and approved residential developments on the cusp of the Arden-Macaulay Precinct within North Melbourne which is slated for intensive regeneration. The Shiel Street - Haines Street combination also sees 104-112 Haines Street, 1 Shiel Street and 114-116 Haines Street present on the Urban Melbourne database.

Together these four projects have the potential to add 270 plus apartments into what was previously a low-rise area.

Helio with Ryan & Leveson

Of both developers current builds, Spec Property's Helio complex fronting Flemington Road has emerged above ground while PDG Corporation's Ryan & Leveson is nearing practical completion under the guidance of Hamilton Marino builders.