City of Port Phillip fielding planning applications from all directions

City of Port Phillip's planning department is currently juggling a healthy number of high-density planning applications as land owners and developers seek to push through the next wave of apartment development. At varying stages of the planning process, the projects listed below would add 405 new dwellings to the municipality with South Melbourne and St Kilda the suburbs of choice.

With six of the smaller current planning applications highlighted, a handful of larger planning applications before City of Port Phillip will feature on Urban Melbourne in coming weeks.

240-242 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne

Image courtesy Rothe Lowman

Online documents have indicated a Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit be issued for 240-242 Dorcas Street, pending the implementation of a number of amendments. One such amendment requires the deletion of one level and addition of an upper level setback, as the proposal contravenes a discretionary height limit of 23.5 metres.

  • Proponent: unknown
  • Design: Rothe Lowman
  • Eight levels at 23.95m
  • 48 apartments

274-278 Coventry Street, South Melbourne

Image courtesy Interlandi Mantesso

A revised planning application, Interlandi Mantesso have returned to City of Port Phillip after a VCAT appeal lodged by the development team found no favour. The current application decreases the buildings height from ten levels (30.8m) to seven (21.5m), while also increasing setbacks from the street. The two current buildings are deemed worthy of demolition, with Interlandi Mantesso also providing an enhanced street frontage.

A Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit has also been put forward by the City of Port Phillip Statutory Planning Committee.

  • Proponent: Twenty Ninth Macorp Nominees Pty Ltd
  • Design: Interlandi Mantesso
  • Seven levels at 21.5m
  • 43 apartments

244-246 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne

Image courtesy Hassell Studio

Jewel as Evolve Development have christened it, is open to registrations of interest via the project's website. Valued at $45 million, the seven level block which is slated for completion during 2016 replaces an earlier 10 level scheme.

Holding a mixture of one and two bedroom luxury apartments, Evolve have positioned the development at the luxury end of the market as evidenced by utilising Hassell Studio for the design.

  • Developer: Evolve Development
  • Design: Hassell Studio
  • Seven levels at 20.7m
  • 61 apartments

245-249 St Kilda Road, St Kilda

Image courtesy Plus Architecture

This mixed-use proposal seeks to replace a low-rise commercial complex currently onsite. With a GFA of 17,842 the Plus Architects-designed project would feature 87 single bedroom and 53 dual bedroom apartments in addition to a separate three level commercial building. Holding 92 metres of street frontage the project also includes a sizeable central courtyard.

More images of this proposal can be seen in the dedicated St Kilda forum thread.

  • Proponent: Tony Train & Aroona Property Trust
  • Design: Plus Architecture
  • Eight levels at 29.1m
  • 140 apartments & 3,495sqm commercial space

63-73 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda

Image courtesy Cactus Architects

Cactus Architects have conceived this project as a replacement for the current 1957-dated Easystay motel onsite. Containing 21 single bedroom and 42 dual bedroom apartments, the development includes basement car parking and provision for 40 bicycles.

Interestingly enough an open air car park will be maintained (albeit smaller) at the rear of the site, should it gain approval.

  • Proponent: Renzella Group Property
  • Design: Cactus Architects
  • Six levels at 18.7m
  • 63 apartments

31-33 Park Street, South Melbourne

Image courtesy Fender Katsalidis

Fender Katsalidis have created an 11 level development on behalf of their client, covering a site area of 405sqm. 50 one and two bedroom apartments constitute the living spaces with seven basement levels accessed via car stacker forming part of the capacity for 30 vehicle and 58 bicycle spaces.

A setback of 2.5 metres is implemented over levels 3-10, while a 106sqm retail space is available at ground level.

  • Proponent: Greg Hocking Pty Ltd
  • Design: Fender Katsalidis
  • Eleven levels at 34.8m
  • 50 apartments

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