Planning Application > 12 Queens Road, Melbourne

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Planning Application > 12 Queens Road, Melbourne

City of Port Phillip are currently assessing the merits of a recently submitted planning application which seeks to replace an dreary, dated car park with 20 levels of residential living. PDA Australia, Message Consultants and dKO Architecture form the core of the project team, preparing the scheme for overseas entity and site owner Kangoala Pty Ltd.

All the vitals

  • Site area of 2,320 square metres, currently hosting a seven level commercial car park
  • Proposed is a 20 level, 65 metre residential tower
  • Basement provides 104 bicycle bays and 260 car parking spaces, below the statutory 331 required
  • 235 apartments split between 82*1, 104*2 and 49*3 bedrooms
  • Setback of 15 metres to Queens Road with generally 4.5 metres to other boundaries
  • Pool, gym, event space and rooftop terrace/spa included within the proposed development
  • Pedestrian link to site's south, linking Queens Road and Queens Lane
  • No borrowed light to any bedrooms within any dwellings

Planning Application > 12 Queens Road, Melbourne

Quality of Architecture

External finishes are slated to include glazed balustrades, precast panels, perforated metal and brickwork. Although hard to discern via the renders, many of the external finishes "Meet on an angle to one another, creating a dynamic affect across the facade."

Of the design quality, the application asserts:

"The curved indentation to the facade, together with the rounded corners of the building give it a sinuous and elegant appearance, while the interplay of solid and translucent balcony surrounds creates a subtle sense of 'movement' across the facades that adds to the visual interest dynamism in the building's presentation."

Improving the public realm

Planning Application > 12 Queens Road, Melbourne

Granted the immediate area is neither heavily utilised by pedestrians or a retail draw card, but put quite simply any development would be an improvement as the existing structure presents poorly to all frontages. Landscaping is expected along all frontages while a pedestrian link seeks to promote foot traffic through the site during all hours, something which is generally not the case with commercial buildings.

Although taller than surrounding buildings, 12 Queens Road is according to the planning application consistent with City of Port Phillip policy fostering a focus toward higher density development. Surrounded by existing buildings, the proposal wouldn't significantly change the shadow profile of the area.

Elsewhere on Queens Road

Planning Application > 12 Queens Road, Melbourne

Neighbouring property Atari House was purchased during 2013 by local developer Hallmarc. With a price tag of $13 million for the dated 12 level office structure, it to is expected to make way for apartments in the future. Elsewhere 77 Queens Road also changed hands last year with expectations and rippled 13 level apartment building designed by Elenberg Fraser will become a focal point in due course.

Together these three developments may yield somewhere in the vicinity of 700 new dwellings if built.

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