Greater Dandenong reformed planning zones implemented

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Greater Dandenong reformed planning zones implemented

As someone who grew up in the outer South East beyond Dandenong, the announcement - made yesterday by the Planning Minister - where Greater Dandenong reformed Planning Zones have been implemented has perked a fair bit of personal interest.

For more than a decade Greater Dandenong has been in and out of the planning news with many attempts to kick of the revitalisation of Central Dandenong - it comes as no surprise Greater Dandenong is one of the first cabs off the rank (Glen Eira was the first).  

Whilst reading this interesting piece in The Age yesterday, I pondered what it will eventually be like to compare the various council's proposed or now gazetted new zones.  I had hoped to provide a map for Greater Dandenong similar to the Glen Eira and Moreland maps previously linked to / posted, however the community consultation material is not readily available on the web.  

Central Dandenong is one to watch: Lonsdale Street works, the Drum Theatre and a large amount of commercial/office development and investment represent a positive direction for this major South East centre.  

One notable aspect of the press release, below, is the rezoning of the "Estate One" area in Dandenong South - the area made famous by manufacturing in the 1950s.  Past and present Pakenham train line commuters will recognise the location as being right next door to the now closed General Motors station, time to re-assess the station's closure?  

Planning Minister's Media Release in full:

131107 Guy - New residential zones for Dandenong.pdf

As further details emerge, I'll update this post.

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Discussion (3 comments)

Nicholas Harrison's picture

Here is the map you were looking for:

Seems quite reasonable with development centered around Dandenong, Noble Park and Springvale.

Nicholas Harrison's picture

Also Estate One is a car dependent office park and freestanding shopping mall.

It could have been a transit orientated employment hub if they rebuilt General Motors Station. But they were not interested in doing that so the development is orientated towards the highway on the northern side of the site and turns it's back on the railway line and former station.

What is the point of making sure that residential development is located close to transit if all the jobs are not transit accessible?

Alastair Taylor's picture

It's actually quite considerable around Dandenong itself. Thanks for the find.

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