Planning Application > 5 Bedford Place, North Melbourne

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Planning Application > 5 Bedford Place, North Melbourne

Following a recent article highlighting a planning application submitted for 690-708 Elizabeth Street within close proximity to the Haymarket roundabout, another application has surfaced with Melbourne City Council in what has become a rash of neoteric residential projects within this pocket of North Melbourne. The subject of today's article, 5 Bedford Place is located on the south western corner of Haymarket roundabout, opposite the aforementioned 690-708 Elizabeth Street.

Nestled in behind the more recognisable former Turf Club Hotel at 1 Flemington Road, 3-5 Bedford Place is currently a low-rise brick warehouse complex which was formerly home to a small inner city facilities management business. With a relatively small surface area of 242.63sqm, the site falls within Melbourne City Council's City North Structure Plan covering a precinct expecting intensive redevelopment, with the immediate area generally subject to a 15 level or 60m height control.

Planning Application > 5 Bedford Place, North Melbourne
Existing site photos provided within the planning report. Image © Alfano Pty Ltd

Site owner GJ Angel & AJ Nagger Superannuation Fund have employed the services of architect J.A Alfano and property consulting/town planning firm Urbis Pty Ltd to deliver a 16 level residential proposal for the gateway site. Included within the project are 33 apartments, broken down into 15 one bedroom options, 9 two bed options, 3 three bed and 6 studio offerings. Located on floors 1-3, the studio apartments are dedicated student housing where multiple apartments will share common living, dining and kitchen areas.

Levels 4-12 see four apartments per floor; three one bedroom options mixed with a solitary dual bedroom apartment while levels 13-15 are split between one and three bedroom options. Level 16 sees dual spacious three bedroom apartments, both with areas of 112sqm in contrast to lower levels where both one and two bedrooms apartments hover around the 50sqm mark.

Quoting from the planning application, "The materials and finishes applied to the proposed building have been designed to highlight the strong architectural innovation. The treatments applied to the facade will give the proposed building a soft and welcoming presence." To that end 3-5 Bedford Place if realised will consist of blue glazing, timber and green vegetation highlights, operable metal louvres, textured precast elements and a proposed lattice structure applied to the podium.

Planning Application > 5 Bedford Place, North Melbourne
North east perspective of the proposed tower. Image © Alfano Pty Ltd

In applying the green vine lattice to the podium, interest and activation is introduced as is an environmental presence in an otherwise unused, narrow passageway. Further green planters would be included over all east and west elevation balconies further enhancing the aesthetics of the proposed tower.

A grey water system would be incorporated where rain, sanitary and laundry waste water would be recycled in order provide capacity to flush all toilets through the apartment tower. A solar hot water system (seen below) would occupy otherwise unutilised roof top space providing heated water for residents leading to lower energy consumption. Interestingly a dual rubbish chute will be implemented with recyclables stored in a separate refrigerated chamber.

With one basement level, 3-5 Bedford Place would employ a KLAUS multiparking triple-tier car stacker system to accommodate 12 vehicles. "The proposed implementation of the centralised car stacking device forms an integral part of the environmental & sustainability strategy of the proposal in that it provides an extremely spatially efficient solution to vehicle storage....the stacker can in the future be retro-fitted to accommodate a range of market driven activities."

Planning Application > 5 Bedford Place, North Melbourne
Encolsed rooftop solar hot water sysytems. Image © Alfano Pty Ltd

3-5 Bedford Place was submitted late April 2013 and has recently been publicly advertised by Melbourne City Council. A decision is pending.

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Discussion (3 comments)

Melbourne_Fragments's picture

Hooray for all the interesting old buildings in laneway's getting knocked down!

Bilby's picture

Yes, let's destroy every single vestige of gritty old Melbourne and replace laneway frontages with 30 storey facades, plant equipment rooms and aluminium grilles with loud aircon. and hot air blowing across the bluestone! Yay for Melbourne!

Rohan Storey's picture

This one is simply crazy ! All sides face onto narrow laneways the other sides of which may well become towers too ! Will they have to be setback another 5m from their laneway boundaries, or not setback at all ?? Either way this one could easily be surrounded with narrow gaps all around. The two sites in front facing the haymarket just been sold, whats going to happen there ?? Though the Capital Gain article says this site part of the sale, which at least means we dont end up with two towers 6m apart.


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