CoPP that! 235m tower for Fishermans Bend?

Given City of Port Phillip's resolute preference for a 100m height limit over the Montague precinct of the Fishermans Bend urban renewal project, they may well be sent into an apoplectic state should this exceptional concept design eventually come to fruition. Delivered by Architecton for an undisclosed client, it carries the address 120-132 Ferrars Street, South Melbourne. Currently home to a nondescript low level brown brick factory, the 1207sqm site may well become the areas landmark tower based on the images below.

For comparison's sake the block form below left is the 165m, 143-142 Ferrars Street, South Melbourne scheme designed by Rothe Lowman which is currently under planning consideration.

The design calls for retail and lobby facilities through the ground floor, followed by five levels of podium carparking. Thereafter residential apartments would rise to level 60, with (sub)penthouses to level 68. Level 69 includes a plant room while the remainder consists of essentially a sloping architecture feature measuring 235m to tip.

Granted the concept design is just that, but it would not have been commissioned with a basis of intent. When a planning application is eventually submitted for 120-132 Ferrars Street, it will be interesting to see what scale tower is called for and whether the above concept is an accurate precursor to the fact.

If nothing else Architecton's concept poses the question; should Montague have a signature tower much like what Eureka is to Southbank, or should the area be content in churning out towers of uniform height and bulk? I would suggest any precinct/skyline is far more dynamic with a degree of variety, so by all means add a tower of this scale on the proviso the design quality is of the highest calibre.

See Architecton's Ferrars Street project webpage for further information and images


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IMPRESSIVE! surprise

I collect, therefore I am.
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City of Port Phillip actually want a 29m height limit for that site!!!

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Unbelievable! I'm totally knocked out by this fabulous design. I say 'bring it on'.

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Andrew Mck's picture

Fabulous, it looks like a work of art .
Not so fabulous is CoPP predictable slash and burn attitude to any thing thats special.
If Melbourne's future relied on councils rules and regulations to grow Melbourne would spiral out of control going backwoods all the way back to the 50s.

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I hope this design becomes a reality,its fantastic.

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