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Genton Architects is carrying this handsome design (below) for 203 Burnley St, Richmond on their website. Although laden with ESD aspects such as solar control panels, green walls and wind turbines it will never see the light of day.

In its place is a new $35 million dollar development application for the vacant piece of land at 203-213 Burnley St, Richmond. Burgeoning Melbourne developer Blue Earth Group is behind the five and nine level proposal comprising 141 apartments, 140 underground car spaces and 162 bike spaces.

Designed by architecture firm Elevli Plus, the proposal was submitted during mid 2012 and attracted 183 objections in what is a predominantly lowrise area. After a period on non-action the coming weeks will initially see mediation between developer and council followed by a VCAT hearing scheduled for May 13.

External finishes for the proposal include louvers (both glass and metal), purple tinted glass balustrades, green (living) walls, precast cocnrete panels, glass curtain walls and powder coated aluminium framed purple windows. Wintergardens and an internal courtyard are also included.

I find the pending VCAT decision on a developmnent such as this to be more interesting than most others. The likes of Melbourne Lord Major Robert Doyle banging on via media outlets as to how terrible it is to place new skyscrapers in and amongst exisitng skyscrapers tends to ware thin after a short time. Yet in the adjoining City of Yarra we have a sizeable proposed building in and amongst an established historic single storey area that hasn't generated much public opinion if any. One way or another, the VCAT decision will set a precedent for this area of Richmond.

Images below taken from planning application created by and © Elevli Plus

Entrance off Burnley St

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