Creative Suburbs

Creative Suburbs is a social enterprise, connecting people and organisations that want to enhance their suburbs and make open decision-making easy and accessible to as many people as possible.

With the right collaborative processes, we believe groups generate better ideas, decisions and actions than any individual would by themselves. As such, we ensure neighbours, representatives and those working in our communities are aware of communities’ views and ideas. We use collaborative, open approaches, to support what we call the four keys to sustainability:

  • To enhance well-being
  • Support shared decision-making
  • Support shared benefits
  • Enhance social, environmental and financial sustainability

Using Creative Suburbs’ website, users are able to identify the places and things they love about their suburbs and share and support ideas on how to enhance them. We also use an online consultation tool to understand, engage and grow stakeholders. Through this interactive online process, stakeholders are able to share ideas and develop shared and agreed proposals.

Creative Suburbs’ website and online tool design is based on a recognition of the growing popularity of social media and internet technologies, and their power to foster a sense of belonging and engagement in the community.

This new engagement methodology builds upon current level of community and stakeholder engagement ensuring more inclusive consultation and help ensure government and/or other relevant organisations receive the latest thinking from the community and their stakeholders.

Our mission is to increase community participation and social cohesion in the places where we live. We want to bring together individuals from all walks of life as well as community, environmental, human rights and development organisations to enhance and participate in Melbourne’s evolvement; to offer more ways to connect people and organisations who want the same thing, share knowledge and resources and make good things happen.