Yarra's Edge Forges Ahead

Forge marks the beginning of Wharf's Entrance
Laurence DragomirAugust 28, 20140 min read

First covered by Urban.com.au some months ago, Mirvac officially launched their Wharf's Entrance development yesterday by way of a river cruise down the Yarra to the site with Yarra's Edge.

Under a glorious Melbourne day, Mirvac shared its vision for the precinct and touched on the experiences and insights gained from earlier stages within the Yarra's Edge precinct.

Yarra's Edge Forges Ahead
Cruising down the Yarra courtesy of Mirvac.

Wharf’s Entrance, so-named in reference to the precinct’s previous history of transporting cargo into Melbourne, represents the western-most land parcel within the precinct and an entry point into Melbourne for those arriving from the mouth of the Yarra. Stage 1 of Wharf's Entrance comprises a 30-storey tower - named Forge - consisting of 228 apartments, as well as 11 luxury riverfront homes known as Wharf Residences and seven home offices named Cargo on the four hectare site.

Separating tower and water is a low-rise health and wellbeing facility to be known as the Wharf Club which is highlighted by a traversable inclined grass roof and Wharf’s Landing, a 2,000sqm green open space. Office spaces at ground level of the flexible, modular Cargo homes are intended to activate the ground plane during the day.

Yarra's Edge Forges Ahead
An extended promenade. Image courtesy Mirvac

Mirvac Group Executive Residential John Carfi said Wharf’s Entrance would cap off a highly successful precinct that had experienced almost sell-out success across its seven existing towers.

Wharf’s Entrance is the final piece of the puzzle at Yarra’s Edge and will cement the precinct as Melbourne’s premier waterfront living community. What we have created over the past 15 years is a neighbourhood of 2500 people that values great design and embraces a lifestyle by the water, much like the world’s greatest cities do.

We have not been surprised by the demand for aspirational homes and apartments located on the water at Yarra’s Edge – where else in this city can you live just a few minutes walk from the CBD and enjoy the tranquillity of waterside living in a luxury location?

Yarra's Edge Forges Ahead
Forge in context. Image courtesy Mirvac

Overall there are 29 different apartment types according to Mirvac Design director Michael Wiener, the design team were given a brief to "design something different" in reference to previous stages of Yarra's Edge.

Employing concrete, steel and glass and like the previous towers, Forge is designed to reflect the waters of the Yarra whilst also maximising view lines.

Asked what sets Wharf's Entrance apart from the completed precinct works, the response was set around a differentiated materials palette which draws on the site's heritage and riverfront context. The mix of corten, zinc, timber and textured brick will offer a more tactile quality to what has been previously developed not only at Yarra's Edge but Docklands in general.

The goal had been to create a precinct with a distinct design difference to what had come before, but that still played into the architecture of the Yarra’s Edge precinct. At the heart of the design was a desire to create an edge to a precinct that would foster a strong sense of community and draw people to this stunning area on the water’s edge.

The materials and shapes bring in the wharfside elements of the area while celebrating the biggest character in the story at Yarra’s Edge – the water. The architecture at Wharf’s Entrance embraces organic forms, which is obvious in the sculptural and curving façade of Forge. The colour palette references the reflection of the water, with silver steel, metal and concrete complemented by wharfside elements in brickwork, zinc, copper and timber.

Mirvac Design director Michael Wiener

John Carfi spoke of the increasing mix of people living and visiting Yarra's Edge "Who come to Yarra’s Edge to stroll the promenade, take in the views of the water and city and enjoy the parks and recreation facilities on offer." Mirvac expect Wharf's Entrance will exacerbate this trend with construction expected to commence next year, with all stages of Wharf's Entrance completed within a seven year time frame.

Laurence Dragomir

Laurence Dragomir is one of the co-founders of Urban Melbourne. Laurence has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience working in both the private and public sector specialising in architecture, urban design and planning. He also has a keen interest in the built environment, cities and Star Wars.
Yarra's Edge
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