Work to start on level crossing removals in St. Albans

Work to start on level crossing removals in St. Albans
Alastair TaylorSeptember 7, 2015

Premier Daniel Andrews and Treasurer Tim Pallas have earlier this morning announced that work is set to start on two level crossing removal projects which were previously foreshadowed in June.

The alliance comprising Leighton Contractors, Aurecon and Hyder Consulting have been formally awarded the contract for level crossing removals at Blackburn Road in Blackburn, Heatherdale Road in Mitcham and Furlong and Main roads in St. Albans.

A media release distributed by the Victorian Government states that works at Main Road and Furlong Road are expected to begin by October and will be completed in 2017. The removal of Blackburn Road and Heatherdale Road level crossings is set to start later this year and will take 12-18 months to complete.

The Main Road project will see a new St. Albans station built and the Furlong Road project will see a new Ginifier station rebuilt and moved closer to Furlong Road.

The media release provides a more precise cost figure for the total value of construction of the 4 project sites, $481.2 million, and reiterates the Victorian Government has fully funded the Blackburn Road, Heatherdale Road and Furlong Road projects and the Main Road removal project is jointly funded by the State and Federal Governments.

Level crossing removals announced to date

The Dandenong corridor:

Expressions of interest were being sought in June, total value, designs and contractors not yet announced.

The Frankston Line:

  • North Road, Ormond - includes rebuilding Ormond station.
  • McKinnon Road, McKinnon - includes rebuilding McKinnon station.
  • Centre Road, Bentleigh - includes rebuilding Bentleight station.

The Glen Waverley Line:

Contracts for these four level crossing removals were awarded to a consortium which comprises John Holland and KBR. $524 million and complete by 2018.

The Ringwood corridor:

  • Blackburn Road, Blackburn.
  • Heatherdale Road, Mitcham - includes rebuilding Heatherdale station.

The Sunbury Line

  • Furlong Road, St. Albans - includes rebuilding Ginifer station.
  • Main Road, St. Albans - includes rebuilding St. Albans station.

Contracts awarded to an alliance of Leighton Contractors, Aurecon and Hayder Consulting. $481.2 million. St. Albans projects starting in October, Blackburn and Mitcham projects starting later this year.

Lead image credit: Vicroads

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