Williams Landing's third apartment building, Lancaster sells out

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Williams Landing's third apartment building, Lancaster sells out
Williams Landing's third apartment building, Lancaster sells out

Cedar Woods’ latest apartment project in Williams Landing, Lancaster Apartments has sold out in just six months, reinforcing the demand for medium-density housing in Melbourne’s rapidly growing west.

Designed by DKO Architecture, the seven-storey building has a distinctive architectural form which responds to the shape of the site and acts as a bookend to the mixed-use complex. The façade's strong vertical expression emphasises its height, prominence and anchors the corner of Clark Street and Tonkin Way.

Comprising 42 apartments, Lancaster Apartments is the third apartment building at Williams Landing, joining Newton (7 apartments), and Oxford (100 apartments and 3 retail shops), in selling out quickly.

According to Cedar Woods, the demand for medium-density living in Melbourne’s west can partly be attributed to "the booming population growth as well as changing lifestyle preferences in the middle ring suburbs."

Recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics confirms that in October 2017 Victoria’s population was at 6.35 million residents, with Greater Melbourne growing by 126,175 people in 2015-2016 alone.

The City of Wyndham was also confirmed as one of the nation’s fastest-growing municipalities and, according to population consultancy .id, has a current population of 250,186, increasing by 37 per cent between 2011 and 2016.

We can see that an apartment lifestyle is no longer limited to the Melbourne CBD and inner-city suburbs. As Melbourne’s population continues to increase at a rapid rate, we must provide a range of housing options to keep up with demand. The success of all Williams Landing apartments so far demonstrates that this is the type of product buyers want.

The City of Wyndham and Melbourne’s west is experiencing unprecedented growth. It is essential that we not only keep up with this but plan for the future.

We are proud that Williams Landing is able to cater for this population increase. In addition to housing options we offer an abundance of retail amenity and public transport options, such as the Williams Landing train station. 

- Patrick Archer, Cedar Woods Chief Operating Officer

Williams Landing's third apartment building, Lancaster sells out
Lancaster Apartments will join Newton and Oxford Apartments in the precinct. Images; DKO Architecture

Cedar Woods is currently finalising plans for Beaufort Apartments,the fourth apartment building within Williams Landing, which will comprise 39 apartments over four levels. This boutique offering will be in close proximity to parks and recreation areas, including the Addison Park and Wetlands.

In addition to the apartment developments, Williams Landing will also see the construction of three strata office buildings and the nearly complete Target HQ.

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