Widespread shut down for Melbourne's metro and regional railway lines over Easter holidays

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Widespread shut down for Melbourne's metro and regional railway lines over Easter holidays
Widespread shut down for Melbourne's metro and regional railway lines over Easter holidays

Train services which operate along railway lines in Melbourne's south-east will be shut down for three weeks over the Easter school holiday period to allow for major works to be carried out on the eastern portal for the Melbourne Metro Tunnel.

With one Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) already landed and another shortly to arrive, two more TBMs will also be arriving in Melbourne, launching from the Anzac Station site, located just behind the Shrine of Remembrance.

The two remaining TBMs that are yet to appear on the project's website, according to publicly available information, first head toward the eastern portal at South Yarra once they are launched.

The Easter school holiday shutdown will mark the commencement of major works - the breaking ground of the tunnel portal - in South Yarra and will also be the site where the final two TBMs will be extracted once they've completed their run from Anzac Station.

Pakenham, Cranbourne, Frankston and Sandringham lines will all have trains replaced with buses - from the city to each of the respective termini - over a 3 week period from the 1st of April to the 23rd of April. The first week of the shutdown will occur in the final week of Term 1 at Victorian schools.

Gippsland VLine services, which share track with the Pakenham line, will also have a total 'bustitution' and the Premier announced that Glen Waverley, Mernda and Geelong/Warrnambool lines will also be closed during this period for other level crossings and ongoing upgrade works.

The Mernda line shutdown will allow major level crossings removal works to kick off at Reservoir Station and similarly on the Frankston line, major works will proceed at the site of the Carrum level crossing removal.

The various shut downs and bustitutions that will befall the Eastern school holiday period are estimated to add 60 minutes onto most journeys throughout the metropolitan and regional networks.

Lead image credit: Metro Tunnel on facebook.

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