What has gone and what will be for 2014

What has gone and what will be for 2014
Mark BaljakDecember 17, 2013

With 2013 drawing to a close it's a opportune time to extend a sincere thank you to all readers out there that have taken the time to view Urban.com.au and contribute valuable input by way of comments, emails and content.

Having developed the idea for Urban.com.au well over a year ago and have it come to fruition during March 2013, we are ecstatic at the growth of the website throughout 2013 and feel that the work of many people has been vindicated.  To that end special thanks goes to those members who have provided their time to write articles purely borne out of dedication to, and interest in the one topic we hold in common - magnificent Melbourne and its progression.  Further a massive thank you to those people who have utilised and posted comments on our forum, showing a willingness to contribute on the most basic (and most important) level.

One of the driving forces behind Urban.com.au was and is the desire to provide a platform for Melbourne's development and associated industries to interact.  Whilst most of this occurs off website, the response has been so overwhelming that prior to Urban.com.au's first anniversary we will roll out a brand new website with increased usability and a massively expanded content base - and we can't wait!

Unless an event worthy of coverage occurs over the holiday season, Urban.com.au will resume an enhanced content cycle beginning Monday 13th January 2014.  From everyone at Urban.com.au enjoy the holiday period and we'll be back bigger and better for 2014!

What has gone and what will be for 2014

Mark Baljak

Mark Baljak was a co-founder of Urban.com.au. He passed away on Thursday 8th of November 2018 after a battle with cancer. He was 37. Mark was a keen traveller, having visited all six permanently-inhabited continents and had a love of craft beer. One of his biggest passions was observing the change that has occurred in Melbourne over the past two decades. In that time he built an enormous library of photos, all taken by him, which tracked the progress of construction on building sites from across metropolitan Melbourne.

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