West Melbourne apartment projects continue to flow

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West Melbourne apartment projects continue to flow

It may not be as fluid a market as Melbourne's CBD, but much can change in the course of a week in West Melbourne. Last week's article highlighting a handful of the taller proposals is complimented by a handful of new projects discovered in recent days.

Here is a revised standing for a number of new West Melbourne residential projects:

The Delukian - 91 Dudley Street

West Melbourne apartment projects continue to flow
91-95 Dudley Street. Images courtesy 1:1 Architects & Phooey

City of Melbourne are currently assessing the merits of a revised scheme located at 91-95 Dudley Street. Design firm 1:1 Architects mark their high-rise debut with the design which is in close proximity and abuts the now under construction Duo Apartments.

Designed for Dudley Street (Vic) Developments Pty Ltd, the project aims to deliver 48 apartments with one, two and three bedroom layouts. Some readers may recognise the site as once being subject to a unique design conceived by Phooey Architects which was to have employed recycled shipping containers in the construction process.

Ikebana - 130 Dudley Street

West Melbourne apartment projects continue to flow
Ikebana. Image courtesy PBG Property Group

What was preparing for launch last week has just moved to registrations and pre-sales.  Ikebana West Melbourne's agent 360 Property Group is preparing for an imminent project launch with the display suite completed this week.

Ikebana will consist of an Elenberg Fraser-designed complex holding 241 apartments over 9 levels.

15-31 Batman Street

West Melbourne apartment projects continue to flow
A revised 15-31 Batman Street. Image courtesy Inhabit Design

Touched upon last week 15-31 Batman Street was initially designed at 99 metres in height and holding 299 apartments. Subsequently City of Melbourne have since published revised plans which would see SPEC Property Group's future project lowered to 79 metres and be subject to a reduction of 56 apartments, allowing for 243 overall.

City of Melbourne's preferred height limit for the site is 40 metres, although owing to the developments size it falls under control of State planning body DTPLI. The 15-31 Batman Street planning application will be subject to a separate article in due course.

398 Spencer Street

West Melbourne apartment projects continue to flow
A petential new skyscraper? Image courtesy TCI

The Carron is touted as ripe for high-rise conversion according to sales agent TCI Teneketzis. The 458sqm site is offered as suitable for residential development or as a going concern/conversion into a showroom premises.

Given 420 Spencer Street is approved at 131 metres to the north of The Carron and the approved 123 metres 371 Spencer Street is directly opposite, a precendent of height looks to have been set for 398 Spencer Street.

113-137 Rosslyn Street

West Melbourne apartment projects continue to flow
Rossyln Street concept. Image courtesy Buchan Gtroup

Also freshly listed for sale are two adjoining development sites in Rosslyn Street, divided by a laneway. Covering 3086sqm, the joint sites are accompanied by a Buchan Group concept design, both spanning nine levels.

191 apartments are penciled in for the above scheme that would see liberal retail/cafe offerings fronting Rosslyn Street and a distinctive brick facade.

Urban Melbourne will continue to look closely at West Melbourne, provide insight into some of the larger planning applications on offer, while also reveal as yet unseen projects.

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