Water restrictions in Greater Sydney expected to be relaxed from March

Water restrictions in Greater Sydney expected to be relaxed from March
Staff reporterDecember 7, 2020

Water restrictions in Greater Sydney are expected to be relaxed to Level 1 on the 1st of March as Sydney Dam levels reach 80 per cent following recent rainfall. 

Minister for Water, Property and Housing Melinda Pavey said Level 2 water restrictions will remain in place for two more weeks to reduce the demand on the water supply network and ensure water quality remains high.

“We recently experienced the biggest rain event in 20 years, which has impacted the quality of raw water in Greater Sydney’s bushfire affected catchment,” Mrs Pavey said. 

“A number of initiatives are in place to ensure the water is safe for use, including extensive testing, filtration and nets to catch debris, but we are allowing an extra two weeks purely as a precautionary measure.”

“It will also give the system time to recover and on the 1st of March we expect Greater Sydney will revert back to Level 1 water restrictions, subject to water quality assessment by Water NSW and Sydney Water.”

Under Level 1 water restrictions, residents and businesses are not able to leave hoses running unattended, wash vehicles and buildings with a hose that isn’t fitted with a trigger nozzle, or use standard sprinklers and watering systems at any time. 

Mrs Pavey acknowledged people have been patient and applauded their efforts to reduce the amount of water being used annually – from 200L per person per day in 2017, to 180L today.

“Despite a 26 per cent increase in population, the total demand for drinking water remains lower than it did before mandatory restrictions were introduced in late 2003,” Mrs Pavey said.

Fines will still apply for breaches of water restrictions - $220 for residential breaches and $550 for businesses. Exemptions will be available for non-residential customers with outdoor water use as their core business.

For a full list of requirements for Level 1 and 2 water restrictions visit: lovewater.sydney

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