Why Melbourne's R.Iconic was a first home buyer's apartment of choice

Why Melbourne's R.Iconic was a first home buyer's apartment of choice
Why Melbourne's R.Iconic was a first home buyer's apartment of choice

North facing, affordable, and excellent on-site amenities were some of the priorities on first home buyer Lisa Luong's list. Lisa used Urban as a research tool before purchasing her dream property at R.Iconic. 

Having been on the home buying journey recently, we asked Lisa what advice she would have for buyers who are considering Melbourne's exciting new development, R.Iconic.

Urban.com.au: Which apartment configuration did you opt for, and what led you to narrow down your decision to the apartment you have purchased?

Lisa Luong: I purchased a one-bedroom apartment at R.Iconic that has its own study. While the project has some awesome work spaces scattered throughout it, I wanted access to my own private working area but this had to be separate from my bedroom! Another big drawcard which led me to purchasing at R.Iconic was the availability of north-facing apartments within my price range. Lots of natural light is a must-have for me and I am really happy with the apartment I was able to secure.

U: Were you already looking for property when you discovered R.Iconic?

LL: I had been window shopping for a little while before I found R.Iconic and started to think seriously about purchasing my own place. I felt like there was always something missing from the different apartments I was enquiring at before coming across the project – this was usually due to size or configuration. R.Iconic was very reasonably priced in comparison to projects in similar inner-metropolitan areas, and the purchaser incentives available, like the HomeBuilder grant, was definitely something which helped me reach my decision.

Why Melbourne's R.Iconic was a first home buyer's apartment of choice
R.Iconic communal rooftop garden

U: Since this is your first property purchase, how did you find the due diligence research and purchase process?

LL: I actually found the due diligence process quite complicated. Apartment conveyancing can get pretty tricky at the best of times as there is a lot of paperwork to familiarise yourself with and complete. Thankfully the R.Iconic sales teams were really supportive throughout this process and helped me with all my enquiries.

U: What advice would you have for other first home buyers?

LL: My first piece of advice to other first home buyers would be to write down all the questions you have and make sure these are answered before committing to your purchase. Like most people out there, buying a new home is a huge investment, so I wanted to be absolutely certain the apartment I was looking at R.Iconic was the right one for me. I would also encourage first home buyers to do as much research as they can – believe it or not, I actually jumped onto Urban.com.au during my research phase which was really insightful!

Why Melbourne's R.Iconic was a first home buyer's apartment of choice
R.Iconic's luxurious swimming pool

U: What do you love most about what R.Iconic has to offer residents?

LL: The extensive list of amenity has something for everyone and the development’s convenient location in the CBD South precinct is perfect for city workers who want to be close to the office but out of the hustle and bustle of everyday city-living.

U: Did you have a set of criteria that your first home had to meet?

LL: I was looking for apartments with great amenity in up-and-coming areas, however I did not want to buy in a spot that was super busy. This meant living in the heart of the city was off the cards for me as I think it is too congested. Instead, I wanted to live in a residential area closer to established homes and in a great neighbourhood – R.Iconic definitely met this criteria!

U: What was it like negotiating with the sales agent and the team at R Corporation?

LL: All my dealings with the R.Corporation team were great! They would always answer my enquiries in a timely manner and did so in a straightforward way that was simple to understand. My questions and requirements were always paramount when dealing with the development and sales teams which made the complexities of purchasing my new apartment a lot easier.

Why Melbourne's R.Iconic was a first home buyer's apartment of choice
R.Iconic's resident lounge

U: What made you decide to buy off-the-plan rather than an existing dwelling?

LL: Something that ultimately shaped my decision to buy off-the-plan at R.Iconic was how much value you get for your money. The project is absolutely packed with useful everyday amenity which made it stick out from the other apartment candidates I was considering at the time. R.Iconic’s HomeBuilder grant eligibility was another key component which helped shape my decision to purchase off-the-plan at the project – I did not know apartments could even be eligible for this until the development and sales teams told me!

U: R.Iconic has a pretty impressive on-site amenity list. Which amenity is your favourite? 

LL: I cannot wait to get into the listening room at R.Iconic! I am a big fan of all things classical music and was so excited when I saw this space on the list of amenity at the project. It is such a great idea and it will be a good way to meet new people. I am also looking forward to getting my fitness levels up around the outdoor new running track. I love how this has been integrated into the project’s design and hopefully it will get more people outdoors and breaking a sweat!

Watch Urban's tour of the R.Iconic display suite.

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