Rents steadily increasing in Mildura: HTW residential

Rents steadily increasing in Mildura: HTW residential
Staff reporterDecember 7, 2020

The rental market in Mildura has been tight in recent years, with agents reporting very low vacancy rates, according to the latest Herron Todd White (HTW) residential report. 

The valuation firm took a look at rental yields across the nation. 

The report notes rents have been steadily increasing as a result. Gross yields of around 6% are typical for cheaper houses, in say the $225,000 to $275,000 range, stepping down to around 5% for more expensive houses in the $300,000 to $400,000 range.

"Investors who buy cheaper residential units can expect to get higher gross yields of up to 7%, however this has in the past been counterbalanced by reduced potential for longer term capital gain," the valuation firm said. 

"Investors also need to be mindful of the need for maintenance and eventual upgrading when buying older units or houses."

Demand for rental housing appears to come from a range of tenants and we regularly hear of families who move to Mildura for employment reasons (teachers, police officers etc.) having difficulty in finding suitable rental accommodation.

The growth in the areas planted to table grapes and citrus in the Mildura region has also created demand for seasonal workers and it is clear that there is a shortage of cheaper accommodation options for this sector.

Many older houses and cottages scattered throughout the surrounding rural area, together with a number of old motels are now generating comparatively strong rental returns as a result of being let to these seasonal workers.

"Our advice to investors is always to buy a property that you could imagine living in yourself. There are numerous examples of compact four-bedroom houses that have been built intentionally for the rental market and which have little if any verandah areas," the valuation firm said. 

"Mildura’s long hot summers are always more pleasurable when there is a covered outdoor area and we would expect tenant churn will be higher in the plainer homes that are not well suited to our climate.

"While yields are generally lower for newer homes and units, there will be lower maintenance costs and also the potential to claim depreciation allowances.

"We recommend any investors who would like to consider the option of claiming depreciation allowances contact our office for more details." 

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