Suspected asbestos property in Melbourne's west

A run-down house in Melbourne’s west may be contaminated with asbestos, which has caused much distress to its tenants.

The house has been leased by a family, who believes there is exposed asbestos in the house as well as in a shed on a neighbouring property.

The family has sought assistance from their local council but allegedly received no help. They then turned to building inspection company Jim’s Building Inspections to conduct an assessment of the property and verify the presence of asbestos.

Jim’s Building inspector Phil Smallman determined that asbestos was present on the property after an initial inspection. He has since sent off a sample to the lab for testing.

“Once we have the results back from the lab we hope that the landlord and rental agencies will enable the family to break the lease, or provide alternative accommodation whilst the asbestos is removed,” Smallman said.

The tenants are currently negotiating with the property agent to break the lease. If unsuccessful, they plan to take the cast to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

Smallman has also expressed concerns about the adjoining shed on the neighbouring property.

“We believe the family living there, who are also probably renters, have recently arrived in Australia and may not be aware of the dangers.”

“Our clients say they are often outside playing cricket against the shed and the ball is constantly pounding and damaging the cladding. If it is asbestos this is very dangerous,” he said.

Smallman added that Jim’s Building Inspections will assist with documentation to formally notify neighbouring occupants, the owners of the neighbouring property, as well as the local council, as he feels someone needs to take responsibility.

In addition, he recommends anyone who suspects asbestos in their property to conduct a professional property inspection and get testing done to ascertain the risk.

“My advice is don’t take a chance. It’s simply not worth it,” he said.

Diane Leow

Diane Leow

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