Dog lovers show no bounds in latest dog flap gadgetry: six hi-tech dog flaps for your pooch

Alistair WalshMay 2, 20130 min read

Moving into a new house can be stressful even for beloved pets.

For those who love to pamper their pets, perhaps to soothe their transition into a new house, we have found some of the best options for doggie doors that money can buy.

For those with industrial tastes or for those with a penchant for the French revolution, veterinary outfitters Therian can supply a guillotine-style door (pictured below). The industrial chic might appeal to dog-owners wanting to run their home like a zoo.


Those not quite ready to commit to cutting a hole in their wall or doors for their pooch can buy a door that slots into a sliding door (pictured below). Animalistic provide just such a solution in a choice of seven colours.


Or they can mount a pet-sensor on their sliding doors and have them slide open automatically when Fido starts pawing at the door.


There are other options for selective dog doors such as the electromagnetic offerings from Dog Mate.


While pet doors allow Spot in and out of the house, they can allow access to other dogs or fauna who aren’t quite so friendly. To stop this some pet doors now have microchip sensors in them to allow access to only Spot. Sureflap sells a door flap which can recognise 32 different microchips.

People with glass windows need not worry as plenty of manufacturers offer glass solutions. Transcat offer one solution for smaller dogs like the hound-dog pictured. But many glaziers offer custom solutions to let Buster through the glass door.


But be careful. Dogs grow up faster than you might think and more importantly faster than they might think. Make sure you keep the door big enough or the following might happen:




Photo by TwentySeventh

Alistair Walsh

Deutsche Welle online reporter
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