Urban's tour of the Shelley St display suite

Urban's tour of the Shelley St display suite
Olivia RoundOctober 31, 2019

Visiting a life-sized display suite is always a great way to get a good idea of the look and feel of an off-the-plan apartment. Recently, Urban.com.au was invited to take a tour of the Shelley St townhome display suite in Richmond, Melbourne.

“Looking at the marketing renders will not always give the purchasers an opportunity to think about these things, so with a full display suite we can avoid simply relying on the sales pitch and back it up with real life examples.”

Scott Williams, Oz Property Group Sales & Marketing Manager

Check out our video tour:


Developer: Oz Property Group

Architect: DKO Architecture and SLAB

Location: 37-39 Shelley St, Richmond

Number of homes: 9

Construction is slated to begin: Mid 2020

Urban's tour of the Shelley St display suite
Shelley St townhome exterior facade render. Credit: Oz Property Group

One of the best features of the Shelley St townhomes is the fact that each townhome façade and floorplan is unique. The project team has thoughtfully created spaces which are customisable, including flexible rooms, different fixture and finishes and the option of your own private garden or a rooftop terrace.

“Shelley St started with a really simple idea - we wanted to give each home an individual street entrance.”

Scott Williams, Oz Property Group Sales & Marketing Manager

Each individual entrance pays homage to the suburb’s rich history, with a monolithic brick facade, steel-framed windows and rustic sawtooth roofline, creating a refined, industrial aesthetic.

It was also great to experience the extent of the ceiling height in-person – 3.9 meters makes an impressive difference and creates a sense of spaciousness, which is often one of the most sought after features in modern apartments and townhomes.

“It’s also as if they are getting a preview to their house because it’s one thing to see a render and read the 3.9m ceiling height but when you actually see it, it’s much higher than you think. It’s funny, even for us when we built the kitchen it turned out a lot taller than we had imagined.”

Scott Williams, Oz Property Group Sales & Marketing Manager

Urban's tour of the Shelley St display suite
Shelley St townhome kitchen render. Credit: Oz Property Group

Each home will be constructed using only the finest materials, including non-toxic products; solar hot water and gas boosting; LED light fittings and high-end Miele appliances. The full-sized kitchen is also an attractive feature for downsizers who are looking for a more flexible and low maintenance space, without compromising on the luxuries offered by a larger home.

With a high walkability score of 96/100, the apartments definitely cater to those looking to live at the heart of amenity. Situated on the corner of Garfield and Shelley Streets, the townhomes are within walking distance to Richmond’s thriving restaurant precinct, North Richmond station, Fitzroy shops and the Yarra Trail.

The display suite is now open – so if you’re curious to take a tour yourself, you can reach out to the Oz Property team here.

Olivia Round

Olivia Round is the Features Editor of urban.com.au. Olivia specialises in news reporting, in-depth editorial content and video + podcast interviews with industry experts.

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