Urban's Top 5 for October - Most Viewed Developers

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Urban's Top 5 for October - Most Viewed Developers

The final piece in Urban.com.au's Top 5 Most Viewed series for October, today focuses on Developers. This top 5 doesn't necessarily reflect the developers with the greatest quantity of projects but it does include some heavy hitters of the industry.

Urban's Top 5 for October - Most Viewed Developers

1. Steller

Topping the list with 22 projects to its name, Steller's pipeline of projects extends across Melbourne's south-east. Its largest project to date will be on Wells Street, South Melbourne. Designed by Ewert Leaf, the 20-storey building comprises 174 residences within close proximity of the new Anzac Station currently under construction as part of the Metro Rail Tunnel. 

2. Cbus Property

Cbus claims second spot on the list with 9 projects across Australia, consisting of a mix of residential, commercial and hotel projects at various stages of their life cycle. On the horizon for Cbus in Melbourne is 150 Queen Street which replaces the now defunct Tower Melbourne residential project. Cbus consolidated four separate sites to allow for the creation of a development site for commercial purposes.    

3. Blue Earth Group

Blue Earth's pipeline of nine projects range from established suburbs to infill and urban renewal with projects along Footscray's waterfront, Richmond's Doonside Precinct and Fishermans Bend.

4. S P Setia

Though it only currently has three projects to its name in our database, two of those happen to be some of the largest in the Melbourne CBD and the last of the current cycle of residential high-rises. Demolition at Sapphire by The Gardens is in full swing with Multiplex at the helm with a groundbreaking ceremony held last month. Meanwhile its UNO development on A'Beckett Street has achieved 75% in sales with construction expected to commence next year.

5. Peregrine Projects

Peregrine Projects rounds out the top 5 with its Sarah Sands development in Brunswick garnering a lot of interest and attention on Urban.com.au. Peregrine is also developing a mixed-use boutique project in Collingwood and a commercial project on Burnley Street in Richmond. Peregrine have engaged JCB Architects to master plan a 3,000 sqm site on Langridge Street in Collingwood which it describes as "a benchmark commercial precinct which will include a collaboration with Melbourne’s first Tribe Hotel." 

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