Urban.com.au's Project Database reaches 3,700 active developments

Urban.com.au's Project Database reaches 3,700 active developments
Urban.com.au's Project Database reaches 3,700 active developments

Urban.com.au's Project Database has reached a noteworthy milestone, pushing past 3,700 listings in recent days.

This equates to 3,700 projects of differing uses that are currently active across Australia and which fall within four broad categories; Planning Assessment, Approved, Registration & Sales or Under construction. Urban.com.au's Project Database represents the country's largest publicly accessible database of live development projects.

The Project Database has seen rapid expansion over the course of 2018.

Reflective of the rebirth of this website from Urban Melbourne to Urban.com.au earlier in the year, the Project Database is now an all-encompassing platform that includes all major cities across Australia, supplemented by a growing number of regional centres such as Gold Coast, Geelong and Newcastle. The 3,700 milestone is a quantum leap forward from the roughly 1,400 solely Melbourne projects within the database at the turn of 2018.

Incidentally the 3,700th database listing happens to be an application for property developer Mattioli Group's new Melbourne headquarters. Kavellaris Urban Design conceived the mid-rise at 226-232 High Street in Kew; it includes retail at ground level, commercial office space and a dual level four bedroom apartment.

Urban.com.au's Project Database reaches 3,700 active developments
Number 3,700. Image: Kavellaris Urban Design

Reflecting the growing dominance that higher density housing has assumed across the nation, 3,290 or 88% of projects in the Urban.com.au Project Database are residential.

Thereafter 286 commercial projects are included, as are 186 hotel or serviced apartment developments. The latter category has mushroomed over the course of 2018, as developers capitalise upon the favourable conditions in the market for short stay accommodation.

It is though residential that is the undisputed king of the database. Despite certain markets such as inner city Melbourne and Brisbane which are at the bottom of their respective apartment cycles, Urban.com.au is still keeping tabs on 539 separate apartment and major townhouse developments across Australia which are at Registration & Sales.

Whilst 3,700 is a hefty database figure, hundreds of further projects have been identified and will be added through to the end of 2018. Particular focus will fall on Brisbane and surrounds over coming months in order to make Urban.com.au's Project Database more accurately reflective of the considerable backlog of approved developments evident across Brisbane.

Next stop 4,000!

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