Urban Melbourne's Top 5 Picks: Planning Assessment November 2013

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Urban Melbourne's Top 5 Picks: Planning Assessment November 2013

It's that time again where Urban Melbourne delves into the project database and shines a spotlight on 5 projects which we think are worth highlighting. Since our previous look into projects currently under planning assessment in July 2013, Urban Melbourne has seen many interesting projects that have come to our attention, particularly from within the Fishermans Bend urban renewal zone. Our chosen Top 5 residential projects that are currently under the status of Planning Assessment are as follows. Enjoy!


5. 464 Collins Street, Melbourne


Why do we like this? Urban Melbourne highlighted this project in an article in September 2013 under the moniker of the "Pencil Skyscraper" which is exactly what it is. The render for the tower shows how astonishingly slender it is and with a height of nearly 200 metres, this tower has the potential to be an engineering marvel if built. The sleek, glassy design and the tower's location planted firmly in the legal district of Melbourne's CBD is sign of developer Equiset's aspiration to achieve something special with this building whilst standing out amongst the crowd.

Urban Melbourne's Top 5 Picks: Planning Assessment November 2013


4. 60-82 Johnston Street, South Melbourne (aka Montague)


Why do we like this? Rothe Lowman architects have been busy lately putting together some fantastic schemes for a number of proposals dotted around town. This particular project really stood out for Urban Melbourne with its close proximity to South Wharf, Docklands and Port Melbourne within the proposal Fishermans Bend urban renewal area of Montague. In light of this, it will be interesting to see if this project does go ahead as it may set a precedent for the area in terms of mass and style. We shall wait and see.

Urban Melbourne's Top 5 Picks: Planning Assessment November 2013


3. 2-78 Bouverie Street, Carlton


Why do we like this? Since the former CUB brewery site at the northern apex of Swanston Street was first earmarked for redevelopment by Grocon during 2006, many folks on Urban Melbourne have waited eagerly for this site to be redeveloped to provide a QV-esque vibrancy to the area considering the sites prominence and proximity to nearby universities and the Queens Victoria Market. Seven years down the track and progression is gathering pace, particularly with this proposal being submitted in recent times. A fascinating façade along Bouverie Street which appears to mimic a waterfall, this proposal adds visual interest to the area, colour and texture. The more the merrier we say.

Urban Melbourne's Top 5 Picks: Planning Assessment November 2013


2. 193 Buckley Street, Essendon


Why do we like this? Urban Melbourne aims to encourage good architecture and design to help facilitate urban densification across metropolitan Melbourne. This project is a great example of a small to medium sized project which is located in an up and coming urban redevelopment pocket along Buckley Street in Essendon. The hexagonal panels on the street facing façade provides nice visual interest whilst adding to population density close to essential services and amenity in a middle ring suburb. Something that Urban Melbourne will always champion.

Urban Melbourne's Top 5 Picks: Planning Assessment November 2013


1. 228-238 Normanby Street, South Melbourne (aka Montague) 


Why do we like this? Another proposal situated within the Fishermans Bend urban renewal area, Normanby Street screams all glass and all class. A very Melbourne style which, if built, will stand the test of time and set the bar high for other projects in Fishermans Bend. Height and aesthetics aside, the true success of this project and others like it, will not be a question of how good the glass is but how the podium interacts at street level and whether it works within the Fishermans Bend urban renewal scheme. Time will tell, but one thing is for sure, you will not see many people on Urban Melbourne decry a project which has the potential to add to Melbourne’s already classy skyline.

Urban Melbourne's Top 5 Picks: Planning Assessment November 2013


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Discussion (2 comments)

troy's picture

Fingers crossed all these projects will be built.

Purple Dawn's picture

Great initiative! Would like to see more of these within short time frames if possible.

Here's hoping they all see the light of day, with many, many more classy projects to come.


Glass is class, plain concrete is just bovine excrement. Remember that, builders and designers.

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